In loving memory of Tim Leighton

A guy who always sort of ran headlong into situations-- maybe sometimes without thinking, but always with gusto--

Tim seems best remembered with this recipe devoid of actual measurements... just wingin' it, so to speak.



You'll need:

Caramels, milk, semi-sweet baker's chocolate, unsalted cashew halves, wax paper or parchment paper, cooking spray, and a double-boiler


Melt caramels in double-boiler, adding a little milk to keep them from hardening too much when they set; drop by teaspoons-full onto greased wax paper.  Press cashew halves into caramel to form "heads" and "legs".  (Alternatively, you can set the cashews down first and then spoon caramel over them, but sometimes they "drift" when the caramel falls onto them; it's up to you.)   Allow to cool.  Melt chocolate in double-boiler (you can melt in microwave, but I always end up burning it); cover tops of turtles with chocolate.  Allow to completely harden before removing from wax paper.


WF: These cute little confections are wheat-free by nature.


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