My most recent Star Wars cake: Han Solo in carbonite.  I was a little concerned when my brother told me that this is what Bryson wanted for his birthday cake, but I think it came out pretty well.

Most of the Star Wars cakes I make are for my nephew.  This one  was for his 9th birthday, and it features the scene in which Luke crashes his X-Wing on Dagobah, where he meets Yoda.

 The Death Star is another of my nephew's birthday cakes.  I hear it went over big with the partygoers; I was so sick all I managed to do was deliver it and leave.  *POUT*



I made this R2-D2 cake especially for my "little" brother.  Because he's wheat intolerant we asked a local restaurant if we could bring in our own cake; you should have seen the patrons when we carried it in, especially since the lights really work!

Yet another of my nephew's cakes, this one is in the shape of Jango Fett's helmet.  The first shot gives you a closeup view, but the cake was not yet complete; in the second shot you can see that the antenna has been added.

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