A quilter and jewelry maker requested this cake to reflect her interests.  The jewelry is made out of fondant and candy coated sunflower seeds.


A graduate-- and basketball star, apparently-- of a local high school received this cake for his graduation party.


One of my brother's hobbies-- when he's not playing Guitar Hero or watching Star Wars (see Game Cakes and Star Wars Cakes)-- is photography.  I celebrated his "shutterbug side" with this camera cake for his birthday. 


My husband's boss-- who is an avid golfer-- just celebrated his 58th birthday, so his staff surprised him with this cake.  (Note the "58" on the flag!)


A big-time Nascar fan-- who is particularly fond of Denny Hamlin (#11) received this cake when friends celebrated his birthday.  (I made the tires using a mini doughnut pan.)

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