For my Mom, for always standing behind me... and beside me



c. butter, softened (you can use margarine)

c. confectioner's sugar

2 c. all-purpose flour (not self-rising)


Preheat oven to 350F.

Combine butter and sugar.  If dough is crumbly, add 1 or 2 tbl. more butter until dough is the right consistency to roll out.

Roll dough out to about -inch thick on a lightly floured board; cut into shapes with cookie cutters and set about -inch apart on an ungreased cookie sheet, or spread dough out in an 8 x 8-inch greased baking pan.  Bake until set, about 20 minutes.  If baked in baking pan, score into 1 x 2-inch bars while still hot to facilitate cutting once cooled. 



WF: For a wheat-free version of these cookies, I have used Vitaspelt white spelt pastry flour.  They came out "melt-in-your-mouth" good-- maybe even better than with standard white flour!


V: Use a margarine that contains no gelatin or dairy product (watch for whey, lactose, and casein-- sometimes listed as "sodium caseinate"-- in the ingredients to avoid dairy) to make these cookies vegan.

However, please click here to go to the special diets page for information re: white sugar and vegan diets.






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