If anyone asks me which of my cake jobs I felt most honored to be asked to do, it would be these cakes commemorating T. Holmes "Bud" Moore's 90th birthday.  He is the former headmaster of my high school, and he and his wife Jinga meant so very much to me back then-- and still do.


Not only was I able to create these cakes for Bud, I also had the distinct pleasure of helping to deliver them to his table during New Hampton School's  Reunion celebration in June.  Happy Birthday, Mr. Moore-- you are loved and appreciated!


A rare (well, for me) "traditional" cake for a 50th anniversary party.  Buttercream frosting is embellished with various types of royal icing flowers and leaves in a "white-on-white" palette, cascading down all three tiers.  Believe it or not, this was my first attempt at royal icing flowers!

Our friend Doug, who never wants a birthday party thrown for him, agreed that if Obama won the election he would allow a party.  His birthday being so close to Inauguration Day the two were combined, creating "Birthauguration Day"!


A college graduation is a momentous occasion, and deserving of a classy cake to commemorate it.  What could be "classier" than the school seal?

This first communion cake was for two boys, Gavin and Zachary.  I was given free range on the design, so I chose an open Bible with the chalice, grapes and bread as symbols of the occasion.

I was asked to incorporate Grecian pillars in this birthday cake design.  I perched it atop four pillars, and then echoed that design in the piped frosting on the cake itself.

A "wedding" cake for an after-wedding party for those who couldn't be at the main event.  The "B" logo stands for Buck, the couple's last name, and it is modeled after their invitation design.

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