I began making my "Memory Cookies" in December of 1996, eight months after a friend passed away at just 25 years old.  I wanted to do something to commemorate his life-- something I could give to his parents that first Christmas-- as well as share with all of my friends and family.  My first memory recipe was "Caramel Timba-Turtles", in memory of Tim.  Then I began to add some of the recipes I remembered from my childhood, as well as a secret cookie recipe I developed to bribe a friend into helping with things like car repairs.  (Thanks, Josh!)  Soon I was creating cookies for other specific friends, and the list grew longer each holiday season.



     I believe that each stone we throw into the pond of life causes a ripple that moves out to others-- both near and far-- and my hope is that the memories of those who have been dear to me will ripple out to you and cause you, too, to remember those who have had a special place in your hearts and lives.  These recipes represent some of those dear ones-- some who are an active part of my life and some who remain with me only in my heart.  All of these memories make me the person I am, and I am grateful to have known each of them, as well as so many others.  Although time does not allow me to bake all of my memory cookies each year, I am listing all the recipes here so that everyone may enjoy them throughout the year.  (Excluding, as always, my one "secret recipe": Josh Cookies.  Every cook is entitled to a secret recipe!) 



    I continue these remembrances as a holiday tradition, adding memories-- and cookies-- through the years.  I invite everyone to throw their own memory stones into the pond of life, to continue to remind each other to treasure our friends... and our memories.



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