Anyone out there remember "Rocko"?  Our friend Adam sure does, so I surprised him with this "blast from the past" for his birthday this year.

This cake was for a little boy's first birthday.  (The cake inside is chocolate, to provide the maximum "mess factor"-- that all-important ingredient for anyone's first birthday!)

I was asked to do a baby shower cake and given free reign on the design, other than the fact that it should have an elephant included.  This cake is the result; look closely to find the elephant.

This first birthday cake was dietetic.  This being my first attempt at dietetic frosting, the consistency was a little off (who knew they didn't make powdered Splenda, so one must grind it oneself?), but I'm told it tasted just fine.

This cake was made for the same person who requested the cake for James (see above), so we stuck with the number theme.  Anevay and her parents love to camp out in their Volkswagen camper, so I included both the camper and a little campfire.

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