I always loved helping my Grandma bake bread and cookies-- and whatever else I could convince her to let me help make-- so I learned the value of a home-baked pie or a`freshly baked loaf of bread early in life.  I also learned what joy one can bring to people with home-baked goodies.  That lesson was one of the reasons I began making "Memory Cookies" each Christmas.  You can learn more about what they are and why I started baking them here.  I also learned that what we made with our hands always contained better ingredients than what was in store-bought items, and that quality baked goods never contain ingredients you can't pronounce!  Because my brother was 6 years younger than I was, I had the good fortune to be able to help my mom make some of his early birthday cakes, and I think that started the creative juices flowing.





     I continued to dabble in cake designs throughout my formative years, and even into adulthood.  I made some of my own birthday cakes, which were often Christmas-themed because I was born in December.  I made birthday cakes for family members, too.  There was an "H.R. Puffenstuff" cake for my brother of which I unfortunately have no photo, an unfortunate attempt at a Curious George cake for my sister-in-law of which I wish there wasn't a photo, and eventually I became the official Cake-baker for my nephew Bryson's birthdays.  "Towmater" was one of the earlier designs.   I even made my own wedding cake, as well as a cake for our "reception", which was held three years later.  (The three-year wait between wedding and reception is another story.  Let's stick to cakes, shall we?)





     My first foray into the world of fondant was our reception cake, and I found that I could do amazing things with it-- things I never could have done with standard frosting.  My cakes began to enter the realm of sculpture, and I started attacking more complicated designs.  A good example of this would be the Star Wars cakes I've made for Bryson, which can be seen here.  The rest is history-- a history you can follow by browsing the pages of this site.  I hope you enjoy viewing the cakes as much as I enjoyed making them!


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